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SPI Survey Report: 15-29 year-old Females come in number 1 amongst those talking about “Dating / Relationships”2013.02.01

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Until last year, SPI had reported on our original data “SPI Index-basecost” (all advertisers’ average). This data has continued to be opened irregularly, and in 2013 we surveyed and analyzed a variety of topics using SCS (SPI Consumer Survey), which is also SPI originally owned data.
・SPI Original Survey, conducted in numerous countries around the world.
・CCS2012= 6,000 samples in Japan / investigated according to prefecture.

【Survey in Feb. 2012】15-29 year-old Females number 1 amongst those talking about “Dating / Relationships”.

We carried out a survey on sex and age groups who talk about “Dating / Relationships”, and also on their media-habits, lifestyles and hobbies via CCS 2012 (only Japan).
*Definition of person who talks about their lover or going on a date
…Samples who answered “YES” to the following questions under the item “dating / relationships”
(1)Sought advice (2)Given advice (3)Generally discussed
(Within 3 months from the day the survey was carried out)

1, Analysis according to sex and age group
It was found that the ratio of those who talked about “Dating / Relationships” was the highest among 15-29 year-old Females. 201302_1.png

2, Analysis of 15-29 year-old Females who talk about “Dating/Relationships” according to districts
In the 15-29 year-old Female group, the district with the highest ratio of those talking about “Dating/Relationships”, was Kanto at 36% 201302_2.png

3, Media-habit analysis of 15-29 year-old Females who talk about ”Dating/Relationships”
Overall, the result was 15-29 year-old Females who talk about “Dating/Relationships” generally connected with media much longer than all 15-29 year-old Females do, notably 15% longer in Magazine, 20% longer in Internet via mobile and SNS. 201302_3.png

4, Analysis of lifestyles & hobbies of 15-29 year-old Females who talk about Dating/Relationships”
It is possible to say that the 15-29 year-old Female who talks about “Dating/Relationships” is an energetic woman who has leadership qualities, and who is more ambitious and serious in a love relationship. 201302_4.png Following is a summary of this analysis. 201302_5.png

Shiro Kokue
Senior consultant


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