July 2017 Issue: Report on Seminar jointly held with CM souken

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SPI, a pioneer of strategic/statistical media planning/analysis and the media buying audit sector in Japan, encouraging optimization of marketing ROI and the achievement of transparency / accountability, jointly held a seminar with CM souken on 5 July 2017. As there were over a hundred registrants, the same content was covered on each of the three dates.

Theme: Ideal Allocation of the Five Terrestrial Television Networks, BS and MXTV and the Measures for Optimization
-How should we think advertising strategy including Digital media and mixed media-
Dates: July 5, 2017(Due to over 100 registrants, divided into 3 times in a day)

In the seminars with CM souken, SPI has so far lectured on its market condition and rating trend, budget allocating simulation with efficiency of GRP cost and Reach, and support of planning, about the five main stations of BS, BSDlife, and TOKYO MXTV which have been getting more and more attention, using SPI original database and analyzing method.

In this seminar, we delivered a lecture on the following contents with some examples as an advanced theme;

  • Media mix / TV channel mix, Points to be considered and basic information
  • Difference of methods by objects -“Awareness and Favorability” and “Direct Response business”
  • ExampleⅠ, Awareness and Favorability rating
  • ExampleⅡ, Direct Response business

The seminar took place in a completely closed environment to properly protect the confidentiality of our unique data and analyses.

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Shiro Kokue (Senior Consultant)
Ayumi Watanabe (Assistant PR Manager)

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